1 2

180 (2018.02.03)

Fully fixed water on e3_techdemo_5/6

179 (2018.01.09)

Added \"Emit Sound\" spawnflag for env_fire
Improved sounds for weapon_molotov
weapon_brickbat cannot be dropped by player
ModInfo now looks for \"trainmap\" and \"trainingmap\" keys

178 (2018.01.06)

Added weapon_ml (based on weapon_rpg)
Added -nocrashdialog command-line parameter (useful for server operators)
Fixed npc_turret_ceiling shooting
Fixed weapon_cguard's beams (still not quite well)
Some mathlib improvements
Reverted studiomdl to it's original state

177 (2017.12.23)

Restored jeep camera height offset to 0 by default (r_JeepViewZHeight)
Few changes to render stability
Fixed server parenting
Fixed strange beam behaviour due to rewriting beams code in one of the previous revisions
Fixed exiting position of jeep's \"exit\" animation
Some studiorender optimizations

176 (2017.12.17)

Added npc_zassassin - Zombie Assassin (thanks to Sergeant Stacker)
Fixed env_sprite brightness
Fixed visibility of player in the jeep (mostly applies to multiplayer)
Fixed correct working of r_avglight
Now your IP is showing when dedicated server is fully started
Now sprites can't cast or receive shadows

175 (2017.12.04)

vbsp: Added -nostaticpropcheck parameter that disables checking prop_static's model for $staticprop

174 (2017.12.03)

Added support for models v35-36 (thanks to Triang3l/SiPlus)
Fixed crash on clientside fire when there's no emitter for it
Fixed crash on e3_techdemo_5 after passing through map and then changing it to another
Fixed buggy water clip plane at e3_techdemo_6
Fixed crash when gauss gun shoots a wood chunks on water
Fixed npc_manhack spamming gibs when dying from fire
Fixed npc_citizen cannot set their model to model with c17_/male/female/citizen in name
Increased displacement morphing height limit from 80 to 10000
Some improvements to BaseVSShader.cpp
HLMV: Improved \"Dump model info...\" function
Balls of snow???
Flagged some bugs

173 (2017.11.20)

Probably fixed \"Unable to set mode\" bug at nVidia videocards with enabled antialiasing

172 (2017.11.18)

Now ideal states can be applied to NPCs
Assault NPCs should stay idle with angry face while not shooting
Fixed func_tankrocket attempting to create unknown \"missileshot\" entity
Fixed npc_combinegunship scripted death
Re-enabled npc_combinegunship death effects
Fixed npc_strider's stomp action
Disabled weapon_immolator usage for npc_strider (stupid AF)
Somewhat reworked physconstraint and physobj code
General interruptional conditions now have COND_HEAR_PHYSICS_DANGER
Slightly improved chunkfile for Worldcraft

171 (2017.10.30)

Fixed compiling 4

170 (2017.10.30)

Fixed compiling 3

169 (2017.10.30)

Fixed compiling 2

168 (2017.10.30)

Fixed compiling

167 (2017.10.30)

no message

166 (2017.10.16)

Fixed grey square box showing in standard HUD
Fixed weapon_molotov viewmode anims
Removed explosion at weapon_molotov grenade

165 (2017.10.16)

Fixed weapon_tripwire spamming rockets after it's death from external damage

164 (2017.10.15)

HLMV: Fixed "Highlight Bone"

163 (2017.10.14)

Huge "assert" to "Assert" conversion
Added "less than" operator to string comparison
Added printvidcfg utility
Fixed TASK_FIND_COVER_FROM_BEST_SOUND best sound searching
Fixed grenade_molotov precaching
Fixed crash when enemy NPCs finding player in vehicle
Fixed weapon_tripwire causes precaching error (CNetworkStringTableClient entries count don't match CNetworkStringTableServer)
Fixed CEngineTrace::TraceRay potential errors
Fixed texture memory computing even with old vidcfg.bin
Initialized some shader's parameters
Improved CRegistry::WriteString

162 (2017.10.03)

Fixed vphysics' strange behavior

161 (2017.10.02)

Worldcraft: Fixed crash at some systems

160 (2017.10.02)

Added ability to EntityFlame to make plasma fire
Added pp_motionblur_downscale convar that controls motion blur quality
Added ar2_switch_mode_sounds convar that switches sounds from changing modes of AR2
Fixed huge fire scale on some entities
Fixed glow on plasma fire
Fixed plasma child fires
Fixed previous bone lookups somewhere
Fixed weapon_immolator, now it can shoot plasma
Some improvements to NPC schedules
Now NPC should not be in COMBAT state if he hasn't enemy
"Ignite" input now working on entities
Fire damages NPCs
Now game should run a little bit faster from the second and more times
Reverted CBaseEntityList to it's previous state
Removed compiler optimizations for vphysics, so it should not crash normally (TODO: Fix this properly)

159 (2017.09.29)

Worldcraft: Implemented new texture system

158 (2017.09.28)

Fixed trace damage to all "helicopter" entities
Fixed crash when barnacle trying to pull a dead player's body
Fixed some SetSolid crashes
Some studiomdl improvements (or not)

157 (2017.09.24)

Fixed doors and prop_dynamic disappearing if not in PVS
Re-added MySQL for Tracker

156 (2017.09.16)

Improved game name retrieving from liblist.gam for game window title
Fixed TF2 compile after vehicle changes
TrackerServer MySQL improvements

155 (2017.09.11)

Added -noassert command-line parameter to HLDS and game
Added "givecurrentammo" concommand
Fixed grey square at the bottom-right of the screen from 2002-era HUD showing all the time
Replaced AR2 mode switching text to HUD icon
Messed around prediction
r_WaterEntReflection and mat_forceaniso are now not in userinfo (0_o)
Fixed jetski (controls still buggy because of bone wheels)
Fixed game_ui not working properly if " Use deactivates" flag is set
Fixed "player_stealth" global state not affecting player in APC
Fixed ammo box animations on jeep
Fixed hlfaceposer compile
Fixed Ctrl A behavior on TextEntry

154 (2017.08.31)

Added weapon_hopwire explosions
HLMV: Added ability to load weapons
Changed external IP determining routine to more efficient one
Forgot workaround for jumping in-between some props
Slightly improved physics damage forces for some ammo types
Changed multiplay description in serverbrowser
Cleaned up code from previous tests a little bit
Some improvements to save/load system

153 (2017.08.30)

Added clientside friction entities sounds
Added missing condition definition for npc_houndeye that could cause crash
Some console messages from AI code now should display only in developer > 0 mode
Fixed gravity for bullsquid's spit
Fixed crash when game loads a map with barnacles after some other next map
Fixed crash caused by weapon_physcannon in certain save/load conditions
Fixed some other type of save/load crashes
Improved world items spawn
"client <clientname> too fast/slow" messages now should appear only in developer > 0 mode
Fixed crash after jumping over props in certain situations
CSS: Fixed crash while weapon_knife breaking func_breakable with secondary mode

152 (2017.08.12)

Fixed MasterServer
Properly fixed some physics bugs with physics objects taking damage
Properly fixed gibs physics
Mortarsynth now producing computer gibs instead of nothing when dies
Decreased edicts count since it messing with multiplayer (need to increase them properly). Although I leave vbsp entities limit increased
studiomdl: Added $definemacro
utils: Added STUDIO_HIDDEN flag
studiomdl: Added $jointcollide
studiomdl: Added $animatedfriction
studiomdl: Added usesequence and usesource IK rules
studiomdl: Added alignboneto, blendref, blendcomp, blendcenter, realtime, hidden $sequence parameters
studiomdl: Added $bonemerge, $definebone, $lockbonelengths, $lockdefinebones, $continue, $append, $prepend commands

151 (2017.08.11)

Added console version of masterserver

150 (2017.08.06)

npc_conscript now has multiple models support
AR1, AR2 and shotgun now has proper animation acttables (thanks to Sergeant Stacker)
Added -noenvmapfix command-line parameter to vbsp that enables original compiler behavior regarding envmaps on materials (replacing all envmaps on materials with env_cubemap)
Disabled Bip01 translation соde

149 (2017.08.04)

Increased AR1 damage

148 (2017.08.04)

Added SetParentAttachment and SetParentAttachmentMaintainOffset
Added item_ammo_crate
Added some KeyValues funcs
Improved old bones translating
Fixed displacement morphing player collision
Fixed metropolice rappel line
Now AR2 mode text shows only in un-zoomed mode
Fixed weapon_hmg1 and weapon_cubemap precaching, now they should show immediately after giving to player
Fixed func_train sounds precaching in HL1
Fixed black window after disconnect from server
Now dropped weapons should not respawn in multiplayer mode
Weapons dropped from NPC can now be removed according to gamerules
TF2: removed all old fix related things
Increased MAX_MAP_ENTITIES constant from 4096 to 8192
vbsp now will not patch materials that already have $envmap, with env_cubemap
Fixed mdl35decompile compilation on Release configuration

147 (2017.07.31)

Reverted TF2 fixes

146 (2017.07.31)

Now vrad tries to search for static model in basegamedir, if gamedir doesn't equals basegamedir

145 (2017.07.13)

Restored old "version" concommand output

144 (2017.07.13)

Fxixed some old HUD animations
"missing activity" message is now developer > 0

143 (2017.07.11)

Improved old 2002-era HUD and some of VGUI code
Quickinfo now fades as at E3 2003
Fixed env_shake physics behavior
Now there can be multiple env_shakes at the time
Physgun pellets count is now 60
Some func_train messages improvements
"Bad sequence in GetSequenceLinearMotion()" now is not that annoying
Fixed widescreen resolutions appears at 4:3 dropdown list of Video Options
Some improvements to glview utility
Worldcraft now shows an error.mdl if model for entity is not present

142 (2017.07.08)

Fixed studiomdl path creating

141 (2017.06.24)

Added ai_force_serverside_ragdoll convar
Added trigger_serverragdoll
Fixed point_spotlight's default material not being set
Moved some developer messages to developer > 0

140 (2017.06.19)

Added light_glspot support in vrad (the same as light_spot)
Some annoying console messages now should appear only in developer > 0
Fixed RPG rocket checking for non-existant trigger_rpgs after saving-loading
Some small fixes

139 (2017.06.09)

Added male_04 and male_05 to npc_citizen's random
Added setting material to TE particle system
phys_continuous_vmodel_anim now enabled by default
impulse 101 now gives weapon_alyxgun
Added "Follow speed" setting for trigger_camera/point_viewcontrol
Fixed env_blood's "Blood stream"
Fixed player model setting
Reverted ZPos for new old HUD

138 (2017.05.23)

Small fixes
Added some bat-files

137 (2017.05.16)

Added hl2 folder to VRAD lights.rad search
Other small fixes

136 (2017.05.08)

Doors can open in opposite direction from the player
Now doors has default open/close/lock/unlock sounds
Worldcraft now uses manimum amount of anisotropy for 3D window
Some small fixes

135 (2017.04.27)

Properly fixed multiplayer models

134 (2017.04.25)

Added weapon_alyxgun
Fixed HLDS cannot load default hl2's server.dll

133 (2017.04.18)

Fixed npc_citizen ammo resupplier behavior

132 (2017.04.10)

Added old H.E.V. suit power indicator
Fixed hud_bitmapnumericdisplay color management
Flagged some bugs

131 (2017.04.03)

Fixed npc_citizen17 model precache
Fixed background map menu when loading a game
FIxed sound precache when the sound is not in any sound script
FIxed mdl35decompil VS2010 project platform toolset

130 (2017.04.03)

Properly fixed grenade_homer strange fly behavior (thanks to Maelstrom)

129 (2016.12.05)

Quick fix 2

128 (2016.12.05)

Quick fix 1: CBaseEntity::VPhysicsUpdate

127 (2016.11.21)

Fixed grenade_homer not stopping sound when collided with sky
Fixed grenade_homer trajectory
Fixed bright NPCs and props at mat_fullbright 1
Fixed hlds_gui

126 (2016.11.13)

Fixed Change Game dialog

125 (2016.11.13)

Fixed new old HUD suit not changing values
Reverted original HUD
A few small fixes

124 (2016.11.12)

Fixed TF2 compilation

123 (2016.10.27)

Reverted npc_spotlight
Fixed point_spotlight (still laggy at small lengths)

122 (2016.10.23)

Added point_spotlight
Fixed npc_spotlight sprite

121 (2016.10.20)

Added bench_start, bench_echo and bench_end commands for testscripts
Added saving scene folder in Faceposer
Fixed HUD for HL1, CSS and TF2
Fixed Weapon_Drop bone
Fixed brickbat changing his model to viewmodel

120 (2016.09.26)

Added old bone names translating

119 (2016.09.26)

Added hud_enableoldhud convar
Added point_clientcommand/point_servercommand entities
Added -noborder command-line parameter
Fixed npc_wscanner grenade shooting
Fixed NPC's weapon_brickbat holding

118 (2016.09.13)

Fixed HLMV -screenshot function
Added bat-files

117 (2016.09.09)

Added some bat-files
Fixed weapon_tripwire
Fixed FileOpenDialog
Fixed "Release" compile under VS2010 (for mdl35decompil)

116 (2016.08.21)

Fixed AR1 viewkick

115 (2016.08.15)

npc_metropolice multi-model fix
mdl35decompil: Updated TODO

114 (2016.07.24)

Fixed lighting on some static models

113 (2016.07.22)

Adapted some build files for symlinking

112 (2016.07.19)

CTransitionTable::ApplyTransition dbg msg fix
HLMV: Re-added "Dump model info" option
Fixed dump model info output
Fixed "Enable overbrightening" option

111 (2016.07.14)

Added some bat-files

110 (2016.07.13)

Fixed npc_hydra damaging by prop_ragdoll
Fixed npc_hydra ragdoll detach
Reverted greyscale for some shader's specular lighting
Added some bat-files

109 (2016.07.08)

Fixed cremator's idle sound

108 (2016.07.07)

Fixed HUD full ammo value

107 (2016.07.07)

Fixed CS:S, HL1 and TF2 binaries

106 (2016.07.07)

Added true SRGB greyscale to all basic shaders (also Refract and ShatteredGlass)
A few small improvements to studiomdl

105 (2016.06.25)

Fixed water shader on DX6-7
Fixed refract shader on DX6-7
Fixed sky bloom (my bad)
Slightly enhanced HDR mode (needs testing)

104 (2016.06.13)

studiomdl physbox update

103 (2016.06.05)


102 (2016.06.05)

Fixed new old HUD alignment and scaling
Now if widescreen background is not found - game will use normal one
Some vphysics fixes

101 (2016.05.15)

Added phys_continuous_vmodel_anim convar
Fixed new old HUD appearance on different resolutions

100 (2016.05.15)

Fixed jeep boost sound

99 (2016.05.08)

Forgot to add some files

98 (2016.05.08)

Added a new old HUD
Fixed HUD Z-pos
Added support for nVidia CSAA mode
Added support for widescreen menu backgrounds
Added support for impacthard/soft and scrapesmooth/hard physsurfaces
Fixed compilation of game mods
Fixed sliders in vgui_panel_zoo
Fixed Worldcraft's first start config windows
Removed Hammer time!
HACK (update later): CMaterialSystem::DrawScreenSpaceQuad, CMaterialSystem::CopyRenderTargetToTextureEx

97 (2016.04.08)

Some npc_create improvements
Now antlion guard can break breakable props
Added sk_hydra_health and sk_hydra_stab_damage convars
Now hydra properly takes enemy dying
Fixed crash due to sound controllers
Fixed level changing causes crash
Fixed some Worldcraft bugs

96 (2016.03.26)

Added weapon_beerbottle for citizen
Re-added debug lines around commandable citizen
Fixed molotov launching position at citizen
CBaseEntityList improvements
Updated TODO

95 (2016.03.09)

Added point_particlestorm spawn
New player_manhack controls
Fixed graphical bug with models
Fixed npc_headcrab_fast attack
Fixed game ticks don't stop in pause menu
Fixed reflections on some surfaces
Improved CPU frequency detection (may fix some graphical bugs also)

94 (2016.02.21)

Fixed weapon_iceaxe sounds
Fixed game pausing in background map
Changed some warning messages to appear only in developer > 0 mode
Updated TODO

93 (2016.02.07)

Added npc_citizen's lead behavior
Fixed some func_door bugs
Fixed some map transition and saving bugs
Fixed smg grenade floating above the ground

92 (2016.01.30)

Added AR2 mode display
Fixed extinguisher
Fixed npc_citizen random head and model
Fixed player_manhack deactivating
Fixed weapon_hmg viewpunch
Fixed DevMsg crash in CAI_ScriptedSequence::ScriptThink
vidcfg.bin not needed anymore
Updated TODO

91 (2016.01.24)

Fixed player_missile
Fixed recoil for weapon_hmg1

90 (2016.01.23)

Sequence blending errors now should be less annoying
Fixed ent_fire's plasma spawn position
Removed debug messages for plasma, cremator
Some HUD changes
Added support for multiple full frame framebuffer textures
Improved motion blur (not so much)
Now some annoying messages from AI should appear only in developer > 0
Some ai_goal_follow improvements
NPCs that has been created from npc_create concommand should be precached immediately
Animation improvements
Fixed PVS for trigger_camera/point_viewcontrol
Fixed gibs gravity
Added npc_hydra death behavior
Fixed npc_turret_floor
Better fix for not controllable digger
Added some PVS UTIL funcs
startupmenu command now should toggle background mode
Improved engine collision traces
Now if background map is present it shouldn't dim all screen (unless there's console enabled)
Improved video memory size detection (now the game souldn't crash on big maps in HDR mode)
Fixed white-ish envmap on some textures
Updated TODO