1 2

89 (2016.01.11)

Fixed big fire flames spawning at player after throwing a molotov

88 (2016.01.11)

Fixed wrong initial motion blur settings

87 (2016.01.11)

Fixed animevents in models
Disabled debug overlays for npc_citizen17

86 (2016.01.10)

Fixed npc_hydra doesn't react correctly on "notarget" concommand
Fixed physgun attack animation not looping
Fixed ListPanel doesn't work with localized strings (as in load/save dialogs)
Removed integration with LeakNet client

85 (2016.01.09)

Removed unnecessary file
Updated TODO

84 (2016.01.09)

Fixed gibs acting weird
Fixed npc_turret_floor not shooting after death
Updated physics
Fixed physics crash (physics_canister weld constraint to buggy) (not right way)
Fixed Faceposer crash
Fixed some Scenemanager crashes
Updated TODO
Added some bat-files
Added and fixed mdl decompiler (thanks fire64)

83 (2016.01.09)

Extra commit: vbsp playerclip fix

82 (2015.12.30)

Fixed compile

81 (2015.12.30)

Extra update:
Added point_viewcontrol entity
Added "Infinite wait" and "Snap to" flags to trigger_camera/point_viewcontrol entities
Fixed func_breakable gibs models
Messages about soundlist is hidden now (use developer 2)
Added some UTIL functions
Added some fixes to save/restore system
Updated TODO

80 (2015.12.10)

Fixed env_fire's plasma spawning
Fixed VPhysicsInitShadow crash (caused by IVP)
Better npc_cremator AI
Fixed npc_metropolice's crash when there's no enemy to compute distance to it
Fixed player's black screen after spawn in MP
Added "Break on shoot" flag at breakable props
Slightly increased standart heapsize
Reverted Advanced button function at Multiplayer tab in Options
Fixed crash in HDR-mode when loading big maps
Updated TODO

79 (2015.11.25)

Fixed snow performance

78 (2015.11.25)

Some env_fire fixes
Fixed npc_combineguard killing
Reverted Player_Control's SaveOrigin
player_manhack mess
Now weapon_extinguisher has moving sound source
Fixed weapon_gauss and weapon_slam sound in multiplayer
Some physics checks
Fixed Faceposer scalesettings param support
Fixed hlds_gui compile (for fun)
Flagged some crashes

77 (2015.11.15)

Fixed digger movement and exiting
Properly mat_fullbright fix for transition from unlit to lit maps
"Level transition ERROR" should now not to cause crash (
Mess with view-world model change
Fix for client models
View model interpolation improvements
Some prediction improvements
Fix for client tracers
Physics simulate.
Player physics simulation fix
Added some scoreboard columns
Client beams drawing fix
"clc_sendlogo" now has proper clc function
CGameMovement::TryPlayerMove now has faster calculations
Updated TODO

76 (2015.11.08)

Increased sound precache table size (so no crashes when many files needs to precache)
Some antialiasing fixes
Fixed envmap in non-HDR mode
Fixed compile in release mode (LOL)
Updated TODO
Added some bat-files

75 (2015.11.03)

Added auto-determination of antialiasing samples list
Updated TODO

74 (2015.10.22)

Fixed compatability with old types of func_precipitation
Fixed npc_combineguard shoot effects placement
Fixed npc_combineguard broken armor gibs
Fixed(?) transition between two canals maps
Fixed func_train crash (player vs func_train)
Fixed Faceposer crashes when trying to open old .vcd scenes
Fixed HDR (unstable on big maps)
Fixed some physics crash
Removed mat_overbright_level convar
Removed fix for black props (causes crash when game was minimized)
Some env_fire improvements
Updated TODO

73 (2015.10.18)

Added a placeholder for npc_cremator (again)
Added grenade functionality for AR2
Fixed npc_antliongrub dying from other NPCs and weapons than hydra
Fixed Worldcraft crash after compiling
Updated TODO

72 (2015.09.25)

Fixed touchlinks allocation
Fixed water FOV bug
Fixed models went black after minimizing game
Fixed disconnecting after death if there's no saves
Fixed funk_breakable gibs models
Fixed crash with standing on antlion grub
Fixed crash when getting studiomodel
materialsystem things
allowNPCs cvar is now working in MP
Added precaching of SLAM sounds
Re-added headcrab brickbat function
Flagged some bugs

71 (2015.09.23)

Fixed npc_mortarsynth crash after killing
Fixed crash after picking up items if they already picked up by a physgun
Fixed crash when cremator head (brickbat) throwed into a hydra's head

70 (2015.09.22)

Fixed sound issue in npc_rollerbull (

69 (2015.09.20)

Fixed CPU speed determination

68 (2015.09.20)

Removed color depth chooser
Set default color depth to 32
Updated TODO

67 (2015.07.29)

Fixed mistake in R_StudioCheckBBox
More LeakNet client support
Updated TODO

66 (2015.07.19)

Properly fixed snow precipitation
Enabled fixes for npc_conscript
Fixed some npc_houndeye attacks
Now conscripts and vortigaunts can talk to each other
Code cleanup and fixes using static analyzer

65 (2015.07.12)

Added support for new brickbat rock model
Added "self" targetname to Hammer
Fixed poison headcrab footsteps
Fixed crash when trying to access GameUI functions that are no loaded
Fixed Faceposer crash when trying to play sound in Phoneme Editor
Some LeakNet client integration stuff
Re-added old fixes by Cath (thanks, man) and me:
Fixed SLAM placing animation
Fixed sniper rifle reloading when zoomed
...and many more

64 (2015.05.31)

Added some integration with LeakNet client
Fixed -heapsize and -minmemory command-line parameters (LOL I'm so blind)
Properly fixed low-resolution textures that sometimes appeared
Fixed water pixel shader
Some changes for CSpatialPartition::EnumerateElementsAtPoint
Removed some shitty backface culling
Improved MasterServer fake servers list
Updated TODO

63 (2015.05.25)

Added some checks
Now decal will not stay on NODRAW surfaces
Improved loading messages
mat_fullbright now sets to 0 when client disconnects from map with no lights
Added few test concommands
Some improvements to drawing brush models
Updated TODO

62 (2015.05.25)

Auto mat_overbright adjusting (HDR and non-HDR)

61 (2015.05.24)

TF2: Forgot to add some files

60 (2015.05.24)

Fixed some code bugs
Disabled chat in singleplayer
Removed stupid Hammer KeyValue check for old vmfs
Improved molotov's fire scale
Removed E3 workaround from npc_citizen17
Removed unnecessary sound arrays from npc_poisonzombie
Added some extra sounds to npc_poisonzombie
Flagged some bugs and features
host_timescale now can change only on server
mat_overbright now set to 1
Added snippets and helpers to filesystem library
Added motion blur checkbox in video settings
Fixed HDR lighting
Updated TODO
Fixed studiomdl
TF2: Added team and class menu
TF2: Fixed some VGUI menus
TF2: Added join commands
TF2: Fixed bots spawn
TF2: Added type conversions in some calculations
TF2: Enabled respawn station effect
TF2: Aliens respawn in waves
TF2: Different speed for different classes

59 (2015.03.15)

Fix for static props in vbsp
Some small fixes
Small support for new CS:S patch from

58 (2014.12.29)

Fixed client crash due to leakables
Fixed footprint system
Added sv_footprints convar
Flagged some stuff

57 (2014.11.26)

Fixed crash when hl2.exe minimized from fullscreen
Fixed death notice text
TF2: Fixed player spawn on a needed places
Flagged some bugs

56 (2014.10.18)

Fixed npc_bullsquid spitballs
Fixed zoom working after player death
Slightly increased MAX_USER_MSG_DATA value
Fixed "DropPrimary" concommand
Fixed grenade explode underwater
Fixed "Player List" causing crash

55 (2014.09.29)

Fixed player's getting damage by hydra
Now hydra can detach ragdolls from itself
Fixed leak splash sound position
Fix for rendercolor and renderamt values on old maps
Fixed crash after quitting game when antlion grub was squashed
Fixed crash by accessing to already removed sounds
Fixed antlion grub death after hitting by hydra
Fixed player_manhack's weapon
Player ignite time from flaregun now decreased from 100 to 15 sec
Flagged some errors and bugs, fixed messages
Fixed some collision checks
TF2: Fixed changeclass menu
TF2: Fixed spawn of some classes
TF2: Fixed weapon_combatshield (need models!)
Removed physics engine flood to server console in debug mode
Updated TODO
vgui_panel_zoo changes
Need to put vmf_tweak tool to all builds

54 (2014.08.17)

Fixed leakable materials
Removed dedicated server slowdown
Updated TODO

53 (2014.08.16)

Fixed score, death and ping in scoreboard
Fixed small texture resolution bug on nVidia videocards

52 (2014.08.13)

Fixed viewmodels floating in the air in multiplayer (hope)
Fixed MasterTest

51 (2014.07.16)

Fixed molotov's smoke trail
Fixed wrong citizen schedule
Fixed game start on system with >4GB of RAM (hope)
Updated default masterserver address
Updated TODO
Small improvement in Tracker sockets

50 (2014.07.09)

Added serverbrowser compiling bats
Fixed some makefiles

49 (2014.07.03)

Fixed chunk eject when prop breaks
Reverted expired chat message show

48 (2014.06.30)

Fixed Combine Guard's attack crash
Fixed strider's cannon attack
Fixed crash on getting weapon accuracy
Flagged some bugs

47 (2014.06.28)

Fixed APC

46 (2014.06.25)

Readded motion blur (accidentally missed it in previous commit)

45 (2014.06.25)

Added one convar for static props rendering
Fixed trigger_camera wrong moving
Fixed "Change Game" dialog (not full)
Fixed getting mod information
Slightly improved physgun pellets count
Flagged bugs
Updated TODO list

44 (2014.06.13)

Fixed rare save/load crashes
Improved molotov's fire a little bit
Removed some unnecessary console messages

43 (2014.06.02)

Fixed some physics stuff
Fixed some of testfunctions
Fixed video options
Removed new death screen
Removed sv_voicecodec ConVar

42 (2014.05.19)

Added mat_overbright_level convar
Added answering on Source's A2S_INFO, A2S_PLAYER and A2A_GETCHALLENGE (just for fun LOL)
Fixed some physics bugs
Partially fixed changing teams
Flagged bugs and updated TODO

41 (2014.05.18)

Added fullscreen damage indicator
Updated TODO
Fixed crash at first run of Worldcraft

40 (2014.04.30)

Automatic screen aspect detection

39 (2014.03.07)

Fixed crash when model does not exists
Fixed VGUI crash

38 (2014.03.06)

Fixed fake-digger-jeep makes game crash when exit from vehicle
Less physics errors crashes
Shutdown crash workaround

37 (2014.03.04)

VPhysics little fix
Added max_hdr_overbright convar
Fixed loading dialog
Fixed compile error
Fixed rare bug when game crashes when player see citizen's eyes

36 (2014.02.18)

Added angle in cl_showpos
Added env_fov entity
Fixed cl_leveloverview
Fixed ent_fire error
Fixed npc_bullsquid's relation to npc_headcrab
Fixed crash when received failed usermessage
Fixed shaders
Fixed crash when runned two engine applications
Fixed "status" util
Fixed Tracker server
Almost fixed multiplayer options
Flagged bugs
Attempt to remake flashlight (not working)


Flagged some bugs
Fixed some CS:S models and anims for some CS:S weapons
Asserting wrong sprites


Fixed ImageLoader


Changed default master server address
Enabled SSE for material system
Flagged some functions for fix and some bugs
Fixed player_manhack (still weird controls)
Fixed weapon_guard's effect
TSource Engine Query workaround
Fixed weapons collide with player in mp (now full)
Game desc in mp now "Half-Life 2: Deathmatch"
Changed bloom amount
Updated TODO


Added copying binaries to mod directory after building
Fixed some crashes (bones)
Small fix for snow precipitation
Prepared for adding motion blur
Fix for disabling flashlight when player dies
Added save for anisotropic setting
GameUI.dll now back to game\bin dir
Flagged crashes
Fix for water fog in HDR mode


Now player can damage other player
Fixed snow precipitation
Fixed crash in ShouldCollide function
Added antialias control
Added entity reflections in water convar control
Fixed error when headcrab breaks woodcrate (LOL)
Flagged errors
Added male_03 playermodel
Reverted CHL2_Player::UpdateWeaponPosture
Fixed bullsquid's field
Prepared for rewriting player animations code
Need to fix R_StudioCheckBBox with barnacles
Now player can walk through the weapons on the ground (in mp)
Added water splash from grenade in water
mat_info now more informative
Mess with green shader.
Updated TODO
Added model decompiler (two versions)


Fixed corrupted flag in matsys


Changed concommand fire_usedlight to fire_dlightuse
Some adjustments to matsys
Updated TODO
Fixed HTML in VGUI
Fixed vgui_panel_zoo
Some improvements to VGUI
Added new bats


Added Ctrl+A expression for text entries (selecting all text)
Disabled some annoying sounds from citizen
Reverted materialsystem
VPhysicsTakeDamage/TakeDamage errors fixed (need to test)
Fixed healthkit in multiplayer (bugged sounds and other things)
Fixed immolator's beam
Fixed weapon reloading sounds
Fixed water splash from ragdolls, grenades and SLAMs (partially)
Flagged some bugs
Added some bat-files
Changed "RMF Directory" string to "VMF Directory" in Hammer's configuration window


Added history of commands in dedicated server
Fixed input of dedicated server
Flagged some bugs
Some AI error messages now more informative
Improved "connection problem" message
Fixed changing maps from console in coop mode
Reduced crash count


Removed some unnecessary bat-files
Fix for player model that not changes from options
Fixed crash on "disconnect"
Flagged some bugs for fix
Reimplement weapon postures (for test)
"client too fast/slow" message now more informative
Updated some bat-files
Info text in the up right corner now more informative
Fixed showing disconnect messageboxes
Reduced some server messages length
Added info about requests to masterserver
Fixed kill messages (for test)
Improved taskbar
Updated TODO list
Added new bat-files for compiling


Removed duplicated message from chat in console when this message expires
Fixed "notarget" not working on other players on the server
Updated TODO list


Fixed shoot animations of extinguisher
Added some bat-files for compiling
Fixed AdminServer compiling


Fix for first run (model doesn't set)
Fixed citizen's AI sounds
Fixed dead corpse not removes
Fixed not solid player on the second respawn
Fixed spawn weapons in multiplayer
Replaced asserts to DevMsgs
Fix for creating config.cfg in cfg folder
Marked some bugged asserts
Fix for mod's server.dll initialization
Removed "Bad pstudiohdr in GetSequenceLinearMotion()!" stupid message
Some fixes for VGUI stuff
Added some bat-files for compiling
Added weapons layout (for VGUI) text file


Added client console variables:
- fire_particlefire: Enable\disable particle fire
- fire_usedlight: Enable\disable dynamic light from fire
- fire_dlightintensity: Intensity of dynamic light
- fire_dlightscale: Scale of dynamic light
Master reverted to the old protocol for compatible
Fixed Hammer's map copying bug (used .map extension instead of .vmf)


Fixed fire, now emits with pretty particles
Fixed extinguisher on client
Now entities in scene sorts if only number of entities greater than 1
Fixed spawn on recompiled maps from released CS:Source
Added info_player_terrorist and info_player_counterterrorist entities
Fixed game crash when player looks at C4 in CS:S
Fixed player_manhack's spawn and activate
Rewrited ResampleRGBA8888 function
Removed "CPU Player Option" from "Create Server" dialog
Small VGUI fixes
Fixed game crash when player opens "Flayer List" dialog
Added bool Q_IsAbsolutePath( const char *pPath )
Updated russian TODO list
Updated TrackerUI
Remember: sqldb_mysql and mysql shits are not here!
Pointed where bugs is coming


Fixed Tracker modules compiling
Added new bats


Added server connecting steps in the loading screen
Added main window's title change from liblist.gam file


Now player's decals shows in multiplayer
Fixed screen aspect bug (water render was messed up because of this)
Fixed molotov grenade's fire
Fixed game crash from squashing the antlion grub
Fixed not-controlling game after wrong end of building cubemaps
Fixed wrong background state after dedicated server is shutted down
Added new master server protocol
Replaced old absolute default map


Added convar hud_showplayerinfo
Added citizen's sound
Fixed flashlight after death (again?)
Fixed "impulse 203" so this will not remove players
Fixed player's movement in multiplayer
Fixed weapons that given in multiplayer
Fixed AI in multiplayer
Fixed sound tab in options
Added some bats for compile


Working thirdperson in multiplayer
Working player model choosing
Working loading progress bar while connecting
Fixed dedicated server lags
CBaseEntity::TakeDamage and AddMultiDamage fixes
Fixed animations in multiplayer
Replaced old "version" function
Fixed main menu sounds
Renewed options dialogs
Fixed player list dialog
Panel::OnChildAdded assert removed


Tracker utils fixes


Tracker utils updated to compile


Fixed drawing water in TF2
Fixed player animations in multiplayer
Fixed materialsystem's bugs
Fixed crashes in Hammer
Trying to fix studiomdl
Added printversion util


GameUI is moved to bin directory
Fixed IVP building bat
Fixed flashlight in multiplayer
Fixed FOV in multiplayer
Player model in multiplayer is Male_01.mdl now
Fixed extinguisher
Fixed player model animations
Fixed HDR (needs to fix bloom)
Added new bat-files for compiling


build_studio_pause_rebuild.bat in * _debug and * _release
Enabled Taskbar
Fixed Worldcraft's, Faceposer's and HLMV's v37 model support


Fixed Status
physics_main_shared.cpp(42): Need to fix!
Fixed MasterServer


Added dynamic screen aspect change
Fixed save-load dialogs


Added background map support


Allowed "noclip" in multiplayer
Fixed studiomdl compiling


Fixed v37 model loading in HLMV, Faceposer and Worldcraft
Added bat-file for re-compiling all projects except shaders in Debug configuration


Added v37 shared model support


Added unnecessary files to ignore list


Added necessary bat-files for compiling


Clean code